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Binah Reiss  Sage Rooted Health Logo White.png

Supporting families to be rooted in health and balance

Supporting and guiding people to their best health is my passion.


I believe there is an urgent need for informed holistic health care and for support in navigating today’s health care system and choices.


Using my extensive background and training, my goal is to encourage and empower you to achieve your ideal physical and emotional health, radiance and vibrancy.

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About Binah

I see my role as a guide, coach and consultant. I specialize in working with fertility, postpartum depression and supporting women in processing difficult birth experiences. I hold Bachelor of Science degrees in both Nursing and Psychology. I have countless hours of training in a variety of holistic medicine modalities. 

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“Binah provided postpartum support after the birth of our first child and the experience was incredibly supportive and affirming as a new mom. She was available for many open conversations on post-partum wellness and health. Her approach was gentle, while her support was fierce. Her presence left us feeling seen, nourished, and restored. All who work with Binah will benefit from her wise and generous heart.”


 – Dara McKinley, Creator & Guide for How to Forgive 

Sage Rooted Health Colorado Springs

Are you ready?

I offer free 15-minute consultations to determine if we are a good fit for your wellness goals.

During our call, we will discuss which services will be most supportive for your health journey.

If you are feeling called to make a change, or to approach your health in a new way, I look forward to talking with you.

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